Things to do in the vicinity

The Beach

Villa Madinina is only a short footwalk away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa: Diani and Galu Kinondo Beach on the Kenyan South Coast.


Diani Beach offers a plethora of activities; whether you want to relax at the beach, indulge in watersports such as scuba diving, snorkeling or kitesurfing, there is no end to the possibilities at hand.






Shimba Hills National  Reserve


Located 30 km from Villa Madinina, Shimba Hills National  Reserve displays a great variety of the typical Kenyan flora and wildlife; it is the only national park in Kenya that contains a population of the Sable Antelope. A significant number of rare plants are found in the park. Shimba Hills National Reserve is marked by a breathtaking landscape.

The Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary lies adjacent to the park and provides a safe migration route for the large elephant population that inhabits the park. It is a prime example of ecotourism in Kenya.